Hamptons Collection

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Hamptons Collection

Hamptons Collection

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Carved from a Whole Dry Aged Short Loin

Porterhouse • NY Strip 

The Hamptons Collection is summer. Twelve perfectly cut, dry aged steaks just begging to be grilled and shared amongst good company. Give your friends and family the best.



  • 6 Dry Aged Porterhouse Steaks  ·  32 oz. each
  • 6 Dry Aged Boneless NY Strip Center Cut  ·  16 oz. each


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Hamptons Collection

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Collection Weight (lbs): 18.00
Price Per lb: $50.00
Easily Feeds: 20
Total Weight (lbs): 18.00

Hamptons Collection

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The premier cut of the Short Loin.  The Porterhouse combines the succulent and flavorful New York Strip with the meltingly rich Tenderloin.  The extra thick, bone in cut lends itself to grilling, broiling, or even roasting.  Like most bone-in cuts, the Porterhouse is best grilled or broiled, as the meat will shrink on the bone as it heats and may lead to uneven cooking of the tenderloin in a pan or skillet.  Approx 30 oz. each and 1 1/2"- 1 3/4" thick.

Boneless NY Strip Steak

With a winning combination of tenderness and flavor, our Boneless New York Strip is a bestseller.  Fans of marbling will revel in the richness and flavor dry aging brings out in this cut.  While the Boneless New York Strip is a natural for pan searing, many would argue that it is the ultimate crowd pleaser backyard grilling steak.  Approx. 16 oz. each and 1 1/4"-1 1/2" thick. 



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Short Name Hamptons

y6 Dry Aged Porterhouse approx. 30 oz. ea.

6 Dry Aged NY Strip Steaks approx. 16 oz. ea.

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Amazon 5 Stars"Tender, juicy. Really takes the flavor to the next level!"

-Amazon November 8, 2016

Portion Size 288
Easily Feeds 20
Price Per lb $50.00
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